Information for your stay

Before your arrival

  • Remember to check-in online before your stay to limit contact.
    You received an email ” Your confirmation + Check-in online “.

  • Don’t forget to add a copy/picture of your ID in the profile tab.

  • Travel as light as possible. You will take your own luggage up to your pod.
    Please, respect this rule as much as possible in order to limit the manipulations.
    Prefer a backpack! A 20-minute walk separates the reception area from your pod.

Your arrival at Whitepod

  • Arrival at the large parking lot in front of the reception

  • You carry your own luggage to the reception chalet.

Welcome at the reception desk

  • Please wait outside the chalet.

  • A staff member at the reception desk will invite you to enter once the other guests have left to explain how the hotel works.

Discovery of your pod

  • You walk up to your pod on your own with a location map.

  • Your pod is cleaned and disinfected before and after your stay.

Breakfast, picnic, lunch, tea-time, dinner

  • Meals can be delivered directly to the entrance of your pod, fully contactless.

  • Meals are ordered at the reception desk at the time of check-in.

Care & Sauna

  • The relaxation area is only accessible if you have a reserved treatment. Thank you for coming at the right time.
  • The sauna is accessible to all free of charge by prior reservation, in 30-minute increments, at the reception desk. The sauna is open from 10 am to 9 pm.


  • The same rules apply as when you arrived: if there are guests inside, please wait outside.

A question ?

Call us at +41 24 471 38 38

Add our number on WhatsApp! You can write to us directly with any questions you may have.

Please indicate your name and booking dates.

Whitepod hotel & restaurant
Eco-luxury hotel
Valais, Switzerland

Hotel +41 24 471 38 38
Restaurant +41 24 471 39 39